Friday, October 19, 2007

A good old time

What could that possibly be? hmmm... For one is finding the old Transformers movie and watching the good cartoon goodness once more. Kim was unsure of how well that the movie would be, but now she knows that Transformers are cheezy to the max. Either way it was enjoyable except for the few random scenes. Also the cheering for the decepticons and the dinobots.Which of course followed with a half hour of making fun of the cover. 1. The pink robot looks so much like princess Lia off of star wars it isn't funny. 2. The green robot on the opposite side looks like he's going to "oil" himself. I know bad pun. 3. One of the main robots in the movie isn't on the cover, or is transformed and is tiny in comparison, all things considered. 4. The autobots logo is crying. Decepticons logo is a lot better in that way.
And making fun of the cover warped into making fun of the movie, which was more interesting on how we tied most of the things that was happening in the movie to other movies that were being produced at the time.
Which brought us to the main screen, which had the Transformers hair band scream (too cool) and the special features of the guy who wrote the sound track. Mainly I wanted to know what they used to make the transformation sound but it ended up making fun of him too.
Good times good times

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