Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Some Changes...And Some help needed!

I have noticed that there was some Links mixed in with the comics so I have fixed that.
Also I am on the hunt for new and good web-comics, if you know of some please let me know.
Thirdly, I am also on the hunt for well written interesting blogs for the reason that there is no new posting from people in almost coons ages (save a handful and to those I apologize.)
Number Four: I'm a noob and I freely admit it, but does anyone know of where I can find get a dot.com or dot.ca address or even information on how to do so?
Five: I need opinions on the Sinclair story. For those who don't know where to look click here.


Fated said...

I have the answer for your dot.com question. I have a friend who does all that stuff. His business is called Logical Hosting and his name is Rob. The company is Edmonton based.


You can even search domain names to see if they are available. I imagine you can contact him if you have any questions.

Fated said...

support@logicalhosting.ca for any questions.