Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My appologies

Whoot I made it to 101 posts and yes the little punk girl is to celebrate, yes see the little 101 on her belt buckle? I had something much much cooler planned out but like the rest of my plans something is left out and had to be redone on the fly, therefore crap.

A lot has been going on since my last post and it would be criminal to try to shove it into one post but perhaps that wouldn't be a bad thing. So watch it humour ahead.

Never try to walk when both yer leg and knee are asleep. I did and walked right into a shower door. True story. When black and white collide it doesn't make grey: it makes spare parts. (on a accident I saw that had the exact same minivans, one black one white)

It has been a rough few weeks, aside from being overworked, underpaid and under appreciated I had a wonderful task of a wedding in the middle of it all. Sorry not my own or it would've shown a lot sooner in my postings. My friend requested that I should be the MC of her wedding. Sure why not. Reason why not, I stutter, I am forgetful and I never spoke before a large group before in my life. Reason why, she's my friend and that blows away everything else.

But I had to fly down to Victoria and travel north.

I once again say that Ford Focus cars are out to get me. At the rental agency we received one for our trip north on Vancouver island. We packed up and began to take off when we braked, squeeled (metal on metal) and nosedived. I don't think that car really had any rear brakes on it at all. If we didn't notice it or didn't go back I would hate to think of what would happen if we had to stop at one of the red lights on our trip, and didn't stop. So we got a little Nissan instead, which made me happy. There was a bunch of things that made me want to look at the Nissan lineup for my next car but we shall see.

The wedding was wonderful, despite the weather being absolutely uncooperative. It rained off and on about 4 times during the day and it was decided to be moved indoors, just in time for it not to rain. Bloody weather. The couple was wed, I goofed up badly a few times in my speeches, and past that it was quite short really. Everyone was gone almost an hour and half before expectations. Note to BC government: Why is it that you need TWO pieces of ID to get into a bar? It's not as if they can't forge another set of ID! ie we went to the bar and couldn't get in because one of the ALBERTA peoples had only one ID. I would figure that places like that would give some slack to those who are traveling from a different province, and may not know the rules of that province, past the age limit of drinking there. the grrness.

Oh well it was fun, save for the getting up at 4 am and going to the airport to get bumped onto a 9:30 flight, spending 5 hours at the airport, trying not to spend over $15 for a drink and simple breakfast, which for $6 we got some dried out carrot sticks and a pop. Thieving bastards. After that was said and done we got to Edmonton after a horrible flight. My left ear refused to pop all that time we were up in the air, so lost my appitite, which was monsterous, and made me cry all the way home. Only after we started to desend that it finally popped and I was better, and hungry. Damn I shoulda picked up the cookies, which they defined as "breakfast". So I was almost 4 hours late for work, since our bags went on the 4am flight and were already been picked up by the baggage officers. Why we couldn't go it was beyond bizarre for me.

So back at work, mentally throttling the brat that is here, he whines worse than a little girl, combined with late nights and such. Unfortunatly there was also a death of a good friend who's funeral was on the Saturday we were in BC. In many ways I was glad that we didn't find out before we got back or it would've been a very dark day for a wedding.

I'm done for now. Hopefully I can get the pictures ready for posting soon, but I've been so lazy that I haven't unpacked and I got home on Monday ^_^ bad me bad me.

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