Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Internet Woes

Probably by this time I lost anyone who had any remote interest in this blog and for that I'm saddened. But at the same time I am compelled to write more here than anywhere else on the internet.
Perhaps it is a loss of my old internet habits are hard to die. For those who may not know I was one of those internet losers spending a lot of my time in chat rooms looking for attention and yet in the same token, being able not to be singled out, something that was difficult in my school life.
Many who never got hooked onto internet chat sites never really know what it means to people, why people would ignore their families and friends in the real world to try to become one that is pure fiction. I must admit the thought of being someone else is easy to conjure, especially for those who already live with one foot firmly planted in fantasy (myself included in this statement). How so? Very easy. An example of this is the image that people have in their heads that is themselves in the physical state. It is my belief that it is how far off we are from our mental picture of ourselves is how much we (as a society) hate how we look. This image that we have of ourselves is often distorted by the media, which makes us think that we will achieve this perfect body, even though genetics, diet and other traits of lifestyle will prevent us from doing so. The further apart this mental image is from the truth, the more we hate our bodies.
Mine for example is further and further away from the mental image by the day, but I already know that my mental image is impossible to achieve. It's just really depressing to look at photos and even though people may say I'm pretty, even to the point I'm beautiful, I know that I shall not be happy with the picture no matter what. And other than whitening teeth, ridding of uber white spots of the face and red eye, and lightening dark photos (little etc things like that) I'm not a true believer of photoshop to the point of absolute beauty. Even still I should try one once to see what I can do and see who comes out, me or someone that vaguely looks like me.

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