Thursday, November 29, 2007

Controlling outside forces and deadlines

Many things have happened over the last few days including the fact that the story I have been writing for NaNoWriMo has gone haywire and created a life on it's own. I'm trying to steer it in a direction that I want it to go but it's like directing a wayward horse.
However I had many ask me why is it doing so, Why do I let things happen when as the writer I control what happens in the story. That may be true and I might just turn around and make all the good characters turn against one another and kill each other and have the debonair bad guy be the inventor of tatortots in his realm of reality. But I do not think that way. And I do not let my characters let me know how the story will end. True everyone reading books like to think that there is a pretty ending, where everything will work out but sometimes it doesn't happen. Sometimes the bad guy wins, this isn't Disney after all. I rather write it how I would watch it on television, where the characters and the viewer have little idea what is going on. Well in some shows anyways. Common if there is zombies in the film almost all if not all will be zombies at the end. Sorry those dumbasses who didn't know this already.
I don't know how it ends and I rather not until it is spewed forth on the type. Bite me.

As for deadlines, I have found out that outside forces play havoc on them, no matter how much I tell them to shove off and leave me alone. The people that I've told this to occasionally read this blog and therefore in big written type GET THE FLIPPING PICTURE BEFORE I SHOVE IT IN YOUR NOSE!!!! Running behind is not something I particularly enjoy and I expect that things in the future is not going to get any easier all ways round. November is almost finished so it's the mad dash to finish NaNoWriMo and the January release date (pending sanity and funding) of Sinclair, combined with other side projects makes it so that this season is horrible. Excuse any bitchiness that should arise.

Outside forces: Looking for a third or higher paying first job, friends and family, time of the year, weather and health. All in the grrness files.

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