Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Oh My Gosh It Snowed!

So slow down and stop driving erratically you morons!
I swear every time we get just a sniff of snow that is when all the stupid moronic drivers come out and then have the nerve to blame the weather as they fly off the road into the ditch. I usually wouldn't be saying this if there is a real wet or thick dump of snow. True this one polished the roads a bit but in the grand scheme of things it wasn't that bad. We already had a taste of snow a few weeks ago and that was far worse, since the snow was heavy and wet and made the roads into one nice thick ice block. THAT was an interesting drive.
But on the way to work I saw someone who had completely lost it. I'm not meaning the normal lose it where the 360 come in, or the lose it way that they couldn't stop no matter what through an intersection. This case had air time, and a ride of a life. I wish I was able to pull over and snap a picture but already police was swarming. But it did an endo and turn. I must be impressed at anyone who does that and have the vehicle sitting, quite stable, on its side. What is most impressive if one ignores the scrapes on the nose and probably side one probably couldn't guess.
That wasn't the worst of it all. The worst was that when passing the accident one person slammed on their brakes and did a half spin in the middle of heavy traffic. Could it be slippery? Possible. What do you not do when it is slippery? Not accelerate or break heavy/quickly. Either way it could've been a lot worse very quickly but thankfully someone in the other lane went onto the shoulder to give the one out of control some more room to get under control.

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