Saturday, January 27, 2007

A rant about the police...

Sorry if you are a police officer or believe thay are above being human please go to another blog and check back in a week or two, cause yer not gonna like what you read in the next few paragraphs.

As for the other peoples critise as you wish. This is just something that has to be beyond the spectrum of my reality. (That made no sence but I move forewards not backwards)

Alright where to start? I guess at the soonest one that I heard:
A new condo unit is getting put up in Edmonton on 100th Ave right next to the police station. Think that would be one of the safest places to move into. Damn straight but not because of the police station. The developer is putting in the highest in anti-theift technology because the responce time from the police is too long. I can see it now... Person: "Can you send an officer by I was robbed! I live next door to the station."
Operator: "That will be a half hour responce time mam."
Person: "Can you shorten that if he got away through the police station parking lot?"

That Arar thing. A person must be a terrorist if they have the name Arar, common, right? Umm no. And it wasn't right to send him back to a country that tortures people. Well it seems like he won a settlement, which is more than the normal person would earn in a whole lifetime at once. Hmmn I wonder who really pays for that settlement.

Okay now for everyday things that piss me off.
On the average police absolutly abuse their cruisers for no apparent reason. There is no reason to race off on a just turned green light, or race down the highway doing 140 with no lights on. They should have a tackograph like truckers and whenever they push the engine past a certain RPM they have to write up the reason for why they had to. The same for the lights. I saw a cop once turn on his lights so he could run the red light, and then turn them off, then on again to run another red light. Wish I had a light that would allow me to run red lights whenever I wanted to.

Police should take one more half second before firing off their firearms. I have read many stories in various newspapers and magazines of police fireing off many many rounds of amunition at some person and NOT HITTING THEM. One in a riot hit another cop while in a gun fight. Meanwhile the suspect escaped? How did that happen? I always thought that the best way to use a firearm is to see what you are shooting before you fire. If you can't see and hit something as big as a human maybe being a police officer isn't what you should be doing as a profession.

Also I wish I can go to any store I wanted while I was working! I had a cop come into the store, cruiser parked out front. I go "Just getting off." he goes "nope" what do you get outta that?

Oh well done rant.

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