Tuesday, January 16, 2007

It's all in a name Part 2

I gotta thank Carrie for yet another thing that is kinda useless but fun none the less.

Kitten-Abducting, Maiden-Injuring Abomination from the Knobby Arcane Isle

Get Your Monster Name

Jewel Expertly Needing Naughty Indulgence and Fantastic, Erotic Recreation

Get Your Sexy Name

Kinetic Artificial Machine Intended for Assassination, Killing and Accurate Infiltration

Get Your Cyborg Name

Now those were fun site with cute piccys for avs but in the real world I wondered if there was more meanings on names than one thinks, therefore I thought to make it a real push to find some information on names and how it effects us. Would a change in name make a real change in how we are percieved or is it in the mindset of the person behind the name?

Of course like making impossible new years resolutions I don't think that changing your name will make a difference to the life of the person unless it makes them let go of the life they want to change. To go and change the name and go back to the same dead-end job and go "I want to be named such and such" but I found it interesting what the websites I found say:
Consider these possible indications of an "out-of-tune" name...

* you feel drawn to a people-oriented job, yet are constantly stuck doing the office paperwork.
* you desire a close, long-term relationship, but find yourself going it alone.
* you have repeated patterns of health problems that focus on one area of your body.
* you are accident-prone.
* you seek to be prosperous, yet are forced to deal with basic issues of survival.
* you want to stand confidently on your own two feet, but are always leaning on others.

Is it that we are programmed from youth to be the way we are due to a name? Or under the constellation we are born under? I might be just looking too much into this. Maybe not. One site that I got some interesting stuff off of (unfortunatly they want you to pay to really have much insight into names) http://www.namepower101.com/name_agories.php
Unfortunatly with the large scaleness of the internet if one types in name meanings one gets flooded with the billion and one sites of what to name a child. It's a lot to go through. Blah. I would let this go but as a writer I hate using names that I have used before, and setting up for a mostly MALE cast it is hard to keep up with the fresh names, especially in an area that had very regular names.

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