Wednesday, January 10, 2007

It's all in a name...

I always believed that we live up to our names, no matter what it is. I have found most people who share names are simular in personality. I've been fortunate in finding many Jennifers in my time. Even though I will forever mention that I was one of the queitest ones there seemed to be simularities in personality that is hard to ignore. For one that I have noticed with one or two of my friend "Jennifers" that they push people away but wish to have constant interaction with someone in some way. I am the same way but usually people don't understand why I push away with such force at some times. Others like my ex-work mate and another Jen as well as a neighbour Jen I have found out we know how to belch if it is allowed. I have known over eleven Jennifers in my lifetime, unfortunatly I found it hard to explain about them due to the fact that over time I have forgotten their last names and probably over more time they will fade like the kid on the third row in the kindergarden photograph.
But even with that in mind I got bored and googled a few of my friends and some came up in the first few views, some found in the depths of many, many, many pages, which took many, many, many hours to pour through when one digs through web sites on dial up. When I did myself however I found nothing. Talk about good or depressing. Good: I've done everything online possible to hide myself in the depths of many alises that no one will ever find me, even though my internet life is over ten years now. Wow hard to take that when I only have owned a computer since grade ten. or Depressing: I have done nothing that is note worthy. I noticed a Doctor Jennifer Brown, Street Hockey something or rather Jennifer Brown, another more renowned real estate agent, a HR, a 2004/2005 grad, singer. So HA! I look at all these peoples and think of all the good things they have done and I am lucky to be able to make my million before I die. *Sigh*
I can't imagine any of the Jennifers I have met going on and saving lives through medicial breakthough, winning gold medels (unless belching becomes a sport), or becomming distinguished actresses.
At least I can look forwards to one thing that probably be posted online for some other person before myself is that by the time I perish the obituaries will be predominatly done online. Perhaps by that time I may see something of myself online... Or perhaps that is all I wish to be ever known online of myself ^-^
Sorry to sound so depressive really I didn't mean it that way.

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Avaelyn said...

I haven't known any other Carrie's, so I don't know if I'm like them. *shrug* I know I'm like a lot of other people, though. I'd like to be closer, but I'm just... not. I don't really have an explanation or excuse. Just be happy that you have lots of years left to do something amazing yet.