Thursday, February 02, 2012

Taste of Animethon and the Norovirus

I know that I've been ignoring this site once again, but being out of school and working full time + has made it difficult to continue to update as frequently as I would like.

Taste of Animethon...

As I mentioned before I am part of a group of artists and vendors dubbed Random Array (plug: check us out on Facebook and like us: end plug). We go around and sell various items at conventions. We have been fortunate to be able to attend a Taste of Animethon again this year. It is amazing how quickly we have grown and continue to grow. I'm so proud of all my artists because they work so hard and get paid off at the end!
However I must admit that I want to shame some of the other companies that also attend these events. I know, I really shouldn't be saying much because I know that one must jack up prices from cost to make a profit. However there is something saying when we sell an item for half of the price of a simular item and have better quality. It angers me.
Otherwise we had a profitable day and it was so much fun!

I have the evil! This one is bad! Hide for the hills! I have been ill for almost 2 weeks and lost about 15lbs. eepp! It's not as if I don't have the 15 lbs to lose but it isn't good to be losing so quickly. Oh well I'll try to get better and contact the health athorities to get better.

With that I am off to bed so hopefully I will update sooner than this, with hopefully new news on a job prospect. (I'm really hating mine right now) So have a good day everyone!

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