Saturday, November 25, 2006


Got a job interview, lost the job to someone else. I'm starting to hate this cycle. Go to an interview and tell your story in different lights to make sure that you can get the job. The interviewer gives you false hope that they are going to hire you. On the day that you are about to do something that will cinch the job and they give you a call WHILE YOU ARE YOUR WAY, to tell you that it's not necessary to come in because they filled the position.

Now if you don't mind excuse my language: What the fuck is wrong with the picture when I can't get a fucking part time position at McDonalds? They hire kids only a year older than my sister, or old peoples looking for a boost in their pension. Places are crying that they cannot find people but they are willing to be choosy on who they wish to hire. I guess that it is their right but then don't complain that you can't find people. Here is my personal numbers, over the last three months I have put out over 50 resumes to various places that are hiring. Got only one call back. Before that over the last year, (after I left Superstore) I've put out resumes to the top turn over areas in the Grove; WalMart, Boston Pizza, McDonalds, Arbys, A&W, Pizza Hut, Bings, etc., only WalMart and McDonalds gave me an interview, even a second interview (In WalMart's case I've had five interviews WTF?). Once again they say that they'll call you, but they don't; you get a nice letter in the mail stating that the position is filled and thanking you for your time.

There I'm done my rant, sorry to those out there reading this written diarrhea that violently spewed out on this "page"

As for the fun things in life, we got the store decorated! Yes people are complaining that it's too early to get ready for christmas but hells Canadian Tire is now playing Christmas Music on a repeater mode. Poor suckers working there. So I got the windows all painted and hopefully if I can and it doesn't freeze me out of doing it I might do some more but it is verra unlikly.

I just met the most interesting person I have met in a long time. She was educated and well spoken. She had her own opinions and weren't afraid to share them, even if they crossed that politically correct line. Unfortunatly she burned up an hour of Corrinnes and my own's time for $.80, but sometimes one has to step out of the boring shopclerk and go and connect with some of the people who come in and appreciate them for who they are and what they bring even if it's only a good chat and eighty cents.

Anyways there is anything better than this I should be doing. Even if it is adding another chapter to my own story or that of the others that have been working on line by line.

I shall leave you with something else interesting that floated past my desk today...

Here's to Your Health! (Hic!)
It is said that the ancient Romans used to toast a woman's health by
drinking a glass of wine for every letter of her name.
Oh, what merry times were had when
Cornelia Theodora Agrippina
attended a party!


SeaverD said...

Atleast your not getting layed off! My job is laying me of because there "reason" is I"m to gruff with customers over the phone! Meh... no biggie!

Good luck job hunting!

Avaelyn said...

You get rejection letters in the mail?! I've never gotten that.