Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A few moments before work

This is the time in which I love to be at work. The store is open but I don't have to do anything. I know I'm weird. I used to come in from a break early when I worked at CT and watch the people get ready for their shift, or off to have a smoke. The time in which is away from home and I can tell people to eat shit and die, cause I'm not technically here. Unfortunately here it isn't always the way that I can go. For one I usually work on the computer in the "cubicle like cage" that is my workstation, so that if I go over my time I just leave the site open and work on it whenever I got a spare moment or whenever I get a break (ie whenever the other girls go for a smoke break and there is no one in the store). But common it's not as if my job is physically demanding. The most excercise that I do on a normal day is tapping my feet to the sound of music that comes from the website I listen to.
But to tell the honest truth I love my job! How many people can say that? It's not a big deal for me to get up and go to this job. Save for mornings...I hate mornings. Anyone who went to school and saw me either sleeping before class or during the morning classes knows how much I hate mornings. Now as for sleeping in the afternoon, that was because the classes were boring.
Now back to my job, if one has been reading at least the blog before this one knows that I've been job hunting. Why? The all mighty dollar of course! I cannot keep working at wages below $10/hr even if I wanted to. I figure I got to get over $15 to really pull myself out of debt in a hurry but no matter who I put in the resumes to I get a simular responce; "Can I trust you to drive such a long drive day after day?" I'm getting this out of people in Spruce Grove! Hello? I've worked nowhere but Spruce Grove and rarely had problems with the drive, save for three feet of snow, which even if I lived across town, I probably wouldn't drive it. I live a 1/2 hour away from town, it's even a nice drive. True it gets long doing it day after day, but if I got real oppertunity for some cash I would move closer to work.
Talking about moving, oh shit....Train crash....Mental train crash and all passengers have been killed. Cry horror in the streets....

Okay that's done. A trailer that was in my neighbourhood burn down. It was a bummer so close to halloween...They always gave away tons of treats. You know those types of houses that keep you for about ten minutes stuffing an empty pillowsack full of everything you can think of; apples, cans of pop, peanuts (used to before everyone in the world suddenly seemingly developed a peanut allergy and killed a lot of good stuff for everyone else, I'll get to that perhaps on another rant), halloween kisses, caramals, a goody bag, a huge handful of suckers, a big chocolate bar. With people like that one sometimes carried the good ol' sheet with eyes cut out. "What are you little girl?" *peeks at the dark blue with stars sheet,* "I'm the night sky!"

I can only hope, but probably wouldn't get my hope, that Ben has halloween off. Last year was a blast treat or treating with him and Kim and Chelsea. Yes I did go trick or treating last year. And I got three safeway bags and a pillowcase of candy for my share of the load. I'm gosh Damn PROUD OF IT! Trick and treating is a lot easier to get a lot more candy when you don't have a driver eatting everything as he's turning the car around or when you are out of the car. Dad was a hoser that way. But not as much of a hoser as the parents who wouldn't let their kids go out, or tell them that Santa is just a fat guy in a suit. I always want to smack those parents. They will still buy the candy at the stores with the halloween decals on it. I once asked a kid what they were going to be for halloween and the parent went nuts, saying I was a devil worshiper for promoting such a event. All this while I was stuffing a package of candy bars with a green faced witch on the front of it. hypocrite.

Anyways it's time to actually get some work done so meh.


Avaelyn said...

Yeah, it sucks when you like your job but you're just not making the money. It was the same way for me at Wal-Mart working in the cash office. It wasn't that hard, and I got to sit and count money all day, and I LOVE counting money, even if it isn't mine. But I only got 3 days a week, so that pretty much sucked. And sometimes I had to start at 7 am (which meant I need to be there early, so 6:45 am), but all in all, it was a pretty good job. My job right now kinda sucks, it's a bit boring, really. My dad and I were thinking about buying a used bookstore in Port Alberni (the ULTIMATE job), but now we can't find the number to call the guy. FREAK!!

You went trick or treating last year?! That's freakin' awesome. I haven't gone since I was 18, soo... :D

SeaverD said...

I can't complain about my job, it is rather easy except when people call you and ask you to find the simplest part in the world to find. And then they get mad because it takes you longer then 2 minutes to get back to them. But I have a desk and an appenticeship and a window to look out of.

I remember when you worked in the cash office Carrie! That was fun! I used to throw paper wads at you through the hole! hehehe.

I miss trick or treating. I think we should made a day just for adults who are young at heart to be able to go trick or treating! Get the kids to hand out candy! Yeah!! One thing I don't think is fair is the parents that have a 1 year old and they take them trick or treating. You know the kid can't eat the candy! I think we should invest in some baby food on halloween and hand that out to the really really small ones!!!

That's the only thing I hate about being in the country. You get like 5-10 kids on halloween. I love seeing the costumes! Here's the key! Take your kids to the country to trick or treat, cause the people out there give away the best!!! It's not 2-3 little chocolate bars, it's like Kami's neighbour!

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